The devil is in the Death Trail.

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The devil is in the Death Trail. It stands round about eight feet tall, and kind of looks like a lumpy black potato with wings, and one flap of its wings have been known to topple lesser men. It fell on my sister to slay the devil, the strongest mage in the area, while I was just a lowly apprentice at the local forge. I had not even held a hammer for crafting let alone a weapon for battle.

So why was I now holding this cursed sword and fighting here on the Death Trail, butchering monsters for my sister to have a clear shot at this beast. Each monster I slay bring a wave of dark, juvenile joy. My face is twisted in a rictus as I try to suppress the laughter, and the corpses are left strewn all around. The sword shifts in my hand and I see the corpses disintegrate into small motes of a dirty smoke which smells of decay. The sword throbs in my hand, and its screaming in my mind gets louder.
“Shut up. If you keep screaming I’ll break you across my knee.” I squeeze the hilt a bit forcefully to let it know who’s boss. The sword stops screaming and starts crying with a weird buzz in the background, like a chorus of crickets.

“That’s better. If you can learn to stay quiet, I may have a treat for you later.” You have to know how to maintain your tools if you want them to work for you. The sword gives a questioning growl, and I thrust it back into the sheath before I sprint away from the spot. My sister was getting close, after all.
I turn the corner at Hangman Rock on the trail, and see a large, pulsing form. The mass is screaming and moaning, with a dead goat gripped in its tentacles, violently shaken into pieces (10 minute mark) as I come across it. The devil shrieks when it sees me, lobbing goat-chunks at me, which I side-step and duck under as I unsheathe the sword.
“Your treat is at the ready. Eat well.”

The devil’s wings beat ferociously. Trees bend and sway, but I plunge into the beast, my blade plunging full into a lumpy mass. The devil split open to reveal (yawn time to move on)


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