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A World of Systems Book by Christopher Ford

“If you like role playing video games, anime, or meme culture this book is definitely for you!”

“Curse and Cantrip was hilarious! This debut novel for Christopher was a surprising journey of self discovery as Zavyyn fights memory loss, a massive negative start to his power and to come to terms with what he has done and with this world that feels so real.”

“It was a lot of fun following around this monkey man around into dungeons, restaurants, arenas and more. I kept wishing he would use some fecalmancy to win battles. So when he used the ectoplasm goo to melt the ghosts I was pretty excited.”


“If you are a player of RPGs of the D&D or video game variety; this book is a must-read.”


Curse and Cantrip

Curse and Cantrip follows Zavyyn Matrisyan, a cursed individual with memory loss, armed only with his cantrips, he fights dragons, learns about wine, cooking, immigration and role playing game tropes in his adventures into dungeons and in arena battles with his newly acquired friends, the muscle wizard Rhynn Taconight and the dour clown Podlihob Hoblihob. Through the course of the book, Zavyyn comes to terms with the consequences of his actions as well as his memory loss in this game world (called a shard by its inhabitants).This is the first book in the World of Systems series, wherein a verisimilitude of worlds exist for the pleasure of the players.

Print ISBN 978-1-7360828-2-9
EPUB ISBN 978-1-7360828-0-5