46 Zavyyn is reminded about a previous event

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I can see. I have never seen anything like this before. Is that ultraviolet? I didn’t think there was much at night, but there is enough to texture everything with an iridescent purple shimmer. Hearing is strange as well. Everything feels weird. Oh yeah. I’m reliving a memory about me as seen from a bug person’s point of view. That’s a new experience.

The gas is all gone. We should have no issues checking the house.

I can feel it. A claw stuck inside the house somehow can detect the composition of the atmosphere inside. It’s kind of like tasting the oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide and just knowing if that flavor is good or not. Insects are strange.

“I knew this was a good idea!”

What horrible voice was that? Oh, that’s me. I sound weird! I also look strange. There’s a tiny scaly dog-man here as well. I am immediately struck by the thought he is adorable. He has a couple of garden spades in his hands, which I think is also cute until I realize they are caked in drying, darkening blood.

“Let’s go make sure they’re all dead.”

For some reason, I feel like this is an immensely bad idea. I want to say that, but I can’t talk, can’t move. I’m stuck here, witnessing everything from this point of view.

The bedrooms are all upstairs.

We go in. This walking business feels funny, what with Tyu being so much taller than me and also being a praying mantis. On the plus side, I don’t feel any itching, which is a nice change of pace from being a person covered in fur.

A large staircase dominates the middle of the foyer. We go straight up the stairs, with Tyu in the lead. I want to see what I am doing, but Tyu isn’t facing that way. This is inconvenient.

We check several rooms and find a lot of dead elves. Oh, Tyu just called them Sidhe. Okay, I guess that is what they are. I’m not sure what the big deal is. Just some dead people in their beds.

This last room to check is the nursery.

Nursery? What?

“Nursery? What?” Oh, hey there me, that was a good echo. That’s not important, did I just murder some children? That can’t be good.

Tyu opens the door, and inside we see a few cribs, and some tiny beds. In each one is a little form. None of them are moving. A few them have their mouths slightly open. The blackness inside those slack mouths is awful. The little dog-man cracks a few eyelids.

“Yeah, that should be all of them. Let’s burn this fucker down after raiding the safe.”

I see myself sitting on the ground. That’s not a good expression. I feel like if I was in my own body, I would probably be reacting just like that. I killed a bunch of small children, babies. I never even considered that there would be children in the house. I just did something without considering consequences, and now I am stuck with the fact that I am a thoughtless, baby-murdering monster. What the actual fuck.

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