40 Zavyyn is visited by a villainous deity

by Mar 30, 2021Best Seller, Curse and Cantrip, Fantasy Fiction, GameLit, LitRPG, Top Rated, World of Systems1 comment

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My eyes register the white world, despite my eyes still being closed. Hey, this is the place with that shitty god! I haven’t thought about it in a while. He’s a jerk, right?

Your life amuses me. You hide and hide and hide, and you’re not doing anything meaningful. I enjoy your fear. But there isn’t enough. It’s time to escalate things. You’re going to suffer, and I am going to record it for future entertainment.

This guy sounds like the cheesiest villain. Maybe he needs some wine with his villain act?

Joke all you want now, but soon you rue your very existence. I will use you to ruin your friends. You will know that the fault of their downfall is you. You will wish you had never existed!

Wow, this guy has problems. Why does he even dislike me? I bet he doesn’t have any friends. The lines he spouts off are more like a two-bit villain than anyone significant.

You’re just roadkill. I will make you suffer to the last.

The white light dims to grey, then black, and I feel the presence of that douche recede.

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  1. zavyyn

    this song means it has to go in the trailer


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