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I wake up in bed, sunlight streaming through the window full onto my face. It feels good to wake up in my bed in this manner. I can’t remember how yesterday ended, but that’s not a big deal, right? To have fuzzy memories of just one night? We probably drank or a lot or smoked something funny. I stretch and decide I want a shower. I then find a note on my door.

We’re out making sure the meeting goes well. There’s coffee and pastries in the kitchen. Take it easy today. – Rhynn

A lazy day! I enjoy a long bath, put on a clear set of pajamas, read while eating and sipping coffee, and then, most impressively, I get to pick what is on the television. The dominance of sports channels is over! Today we shall explore the breadth of content available.

My verdict is television sucks. Channel after channel seems to be droning through advertisements with brief snippets of content. I could make a drinking game for people based on taking a drink every time the television tells you to do something if I wanted people to drink themselves to death. Fortunately, I am none so nefarious.

I finally find a television station that is just music. There are no ads, but the music isn’t great. I will suffer through it and go back to reading. Currently, I am enjoying a ripping book about the disbursement of international food aid interfering in local agrarian economies. The gist of it is that it interferes with local farmers, who stop farming, and then stop clearing monsters in their fields. If the monsters are not cleared in a timely manner, they grow in power, which can result in monsters way too powerful for the average citizen. These in turn establish competing societies of creatures which may view the citizens of the nation as food and result in the destruction of villages, towns, cities, and, in the worst case, the entire nation.

I’m not sure why I find books like this interesting. Rhynn says he doesn’t really like reading and Podlihob reads trashy genre fiction. I’ve read a few of Podlihob’s recommendations, and while they were fun, I have more fun reading about the world around me and trying to understand it. It’s like I’m leveling up skills invisible to the system! I’m a super sage of incomparable wisdom since I’m ascended, right? It’s fun to tell myself that, even if it isn’t true.

It’s getting close to lunch time, but I feel sleepy, so I think I’ll take a nap before making a sandwich. Setting my book aside on the coffee table, I lay down on the couch, change the television to more soothing orchestral music, and allow myself to drift off to slumber.

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  1. zavyyn

    I actually like trance, Zav is being a jerk.


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