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To my surprise, the stairs going up don’t include any traps or jump scares. When we get to the top of the stairs, there is a desolate hallway. Despite how awful the hallway looks, there are several doors all shut fast. One would figure that if this place was so ramshackle, the doors would be hanging off their hinges.

“Don’t worry, I got this.” I fling the first door open and let loose a spray of goo before I can even register what is in there.

“Well done. You conquered the linen closet.” They’re both laughing at me. I deserve that one.

“What’s in the next door?” I guess I can learn from my faux pas here.

“Bathroom. It’s a nightmare.” Is Rhynn fucking with me? No, he looks super serious.

Once again, I throw open the door and spray without looking.

“Eat hot wiz jizz!”

I see a little bit of smoke disappear in the air when I finally look. We all high five.

We move on from the bathroom to a bedroom. This is the master bedroom, I think. A mattress with rotting bedsheets greets us after we open the door, along with ruined dressers. Goo everywhere, and especially under the bed!

“Don’t forget the closet in the corner,” Rhynn tells me as we watch smoke trail up from under the bed.

I spray the closet door, and then have Podlihob push the doors open with his spear. Oh no. Two bodies sway in the closet, hanging from the ceiling. Scary dead bodies! I goop them up and watch them dissolve.

“Were those going to attack us?” Those faces were horrible, twisted in pain, with eyes bugging out. It appeared they had asphyxiated instead of having their necks broken.

“Yeah, the parents force people who disturb them to relive their death. I’m glad we didn’t have to deal with that because I only like to change my underwear so many times in a day.” Podlihob offers this explanation with a wry smile.

The next room is a linen closet. We open the door and a swarm of roaches come out. I goop them but they keep running, and Rhynn blows them apart by flexing. Muscle wizardry is a mystery to me.

The next two rooms are both bedrooms. I goop it all up, and there’s nothing crazy in either room or their closets. That leaves one final room. We open the door, and I see a pair of large cribs. My heart is racing. My breath comes out shallowly, and I can’t settle down. Am I in a tunnel? Everything looks wrong. I can feel the fur on my body standing on end. Why am I sitting down? What happened?

“Is he okay? There’s no attack until we go into the nursery. Why’s he freaking out?” Podlihob’s voice comes from far away. Are we underwater? He’s next to me but sounds so muffled. I try to tell him something is wrong, but my mouth moves without making a noise. I want to breathe. Let me breathe!

“He told me about an incident before and tried to not talk about some bits. I read between the lines and have an idea what happened. I think this is all in his head, and not to do with this place. Zav! Listen to me: You are okay. Whatever is happening is just in your mind. Close your eyes and focus on breathing. Lungs fill, hold for a three-count, then release. Do it!” Rhynn roars the last bit and claps his hands onto my shoulders. The shock of physical contact lets me shut my eyes.
Focus on breathing… I manage to take a breath. One. Two. Three. I let it out. My ragged exhalation blows through my nose and lips. Another breath. Another.

I’m not sure how long I have been sitting here, breathing. I think my meditation skill kicked in at some point. My lips are tingling. So are my fingers, my toes. What happened? I’m so scared. Something is wrong, and I don’t know what.

“His eyes are open. You okay, furball? You took quite a turn.” Rhynn is standing in front of a closed door. What are we doing here? This place is a dump.

“I don’t feel good. I want bed.” I open a gate back to our apartment.

“Yeah, that’s fine. Let’s go back and you can get some rest.” Rhynn and Podlihob help me through the gate and help me into bed. Podlihob leaves the room, Rhynn is about to leave.

I grab one of his fingers.

“I’m scared. Why am I scared? I don’t know what happened.” My eyes are burning, and everything is blurry.

Rhynn sits next to the bed and holds my hand.

“It’s okay, furball. We’ll take care of you. You go to sleep, and it’ll be better in the morning.”

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