31 Zavyyn learns about the importance of curtains

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After the dungeon, we go shopping at a store catering to players. I had made the equivalent of several months of income in a day and buy another wand so I could use two wands at once for double the magic and thrashing wires. As I look around for something else to buy, Rhynn found a magical headgear that protects against concussion and recommended it to me. I think I look silly in it, like I’m trying to pretend I am an athlete or something, but Rhynn was insistent I needed it.

After that, we go to a furniture store. I buy a bed, which Rhynn and Podlihob both say is tiny, but I think is huge, a rug with red and blue triangles in a repeating pattern, a little bookshelf that could double as a nightstand for my bed, a desk and an armchair. All of this furniture is intended for children. I guess it is a good thing I am child sized. I decided to splurge and bought a tiny ottoman for my armchair that can also fit under the desk.

The next stop was an interior design fabric shop. Or maybe it should be a seamstress shop? Several women quickly made for me bed sheets, pillowcases, and a pillow. When I tried to say that was all I needed, they demanded I approximate measurements for them to make curtains. I guess I need curtains. Rhynn and Podlihob did not mention curtains to me. Perhaps the seamstresses make a lot of money off curtains? They also looked at my rug to see what color the curtains should be. They all complimented my color sense; they’re probably buttering me up for extra business! I got my eyes on you, ladies who smell nice!

They made curtains quickly, and then we had to buy a curtain rod kit. Finally, we arrived here at home, and I am just now putting the finishing touches on my room. I still need a wardrobe, but that isn’t a big deal until I have a wardrobe! A set of clothes I mean. That was a bad joke and now I am sad at myself instead of feeling triumphant in this bedroom.

I can smell cooking in the kitchen. I find Podlihob watching television, some sort of sports match, and Rhynn is leaning on the kitchen bar watching the game from the kitchen.

“What is this sport?” If it is popular, I should probably familiarize myself with it so I can better integrate into this society.

“It’s sport ball. Combination of some ball games with arena combat. Each team is trying to score more than the other team either through eliminating the opposing team or by getting the ball through that hoop.”

There’s a ring sticking out of a pillar. The ring is vertically aligned, so the ball would need to enter it from the side. The ball is small and a little deflated, so people can grip it in one hand as they run. One team is all kobolds who run away and try to score, and the other team is several different races all geared up for combat. Everyone is equipped with black armor plates and black weapons of different sorts, while keeping a hand free for the ball. The pace is fast, mostly involving the kobolds trying to evade and score, with the other team trying to herd them together and beat on them. When an armor plate is struck by a weapon, the person loses control of that limb. If the head or torso is struck hard enough, the person is immobilized and taken off the field when the other combatants move away.

“Is magic allowed?” This would be pretty easy if I made an opposing team really heavy.

“No, this is sports. It’s about physical prowess and the heart of the champion. Bullshit like that. No spells or magic items allowed.” Podlihob snorts and takes a long drink of water. “It’s the most popular sport in town though.”

“Dinner will be ready soon. Got pork enchiladas in the oven.” So that was the good smell. I shall remember the odor of the enchilada.

I get a glass of water in the kitchen and ask Rhynn “When should I check out the university? Don’t we need them to start on my curse?”

“I think we wait a bit. We can spend the rest of this week doing some more dungeon runs and get you enough money immigration won’t hassle you about your employment status. We can roll some of your money into an investment portfolio, and if you get lucky on some high-risk investments, you can donate to the university. You won’t get the time of day as a student, and even less time if you work there, but if you’re a donor you can be sure you’ll get plenty of attention.”

Rhynn pulls out some dark green fruit. Or maybe vegetables? I don’t know what those are. He chops into one with a knife, and then rolls the fruit around the blade, and neatly splits the fruit into two halves. He hacks into the pit with the knife and twists it slightly to pop it out.

“What is that?” The flesh is green and smells nice.

“Avocado. I’m making us guacamole. Here, can you mince this cilantro?” A cutting board, knife, and small bundle of greens are placed in front of me.

“How do I do that?” I could just use my crafting window, but I am okay with learning and doing.

“Take the knife and rock it back and forth on the cilantro till it’s all tiny pieces. Be careful of your fingers.”

“Is that small enough?” Rhynn shakes his head. I make another pass, trying to get it smaller. This time, Rhynn nods at me and dumps the cilantro into a bowl with the mashed-up flesh of those fruits. He adds some green juice and salt and mixes vigorously. That juice smells like lime, and slightly stings my nose.

He hands me a spoon.

“Try that and tell me how it tastes.”

It is amazing. I could eat this entire bowl with the spoon. But we are combining it with those enchiladas, hoho! Rhynn pulls out the enchiladas and I am nearly overpowered by the smell of the cooking. We each get a trio of enchiladas topped with a generous portion of the green paste. As we dig in, I decide this is a nice life.

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