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“We’re getting drunk tonight. And eating some delectable treats!”

After the whiskey comes a smorgasbord of fancy finger foods. They’re all delicious, and after stuffing my face for a minute and asking for water to wash them down with before starting on the whiskey, I ask Rhynn what kind of magic I should research to get access to the Spirit World.

“That’s a good question. There are lots of magic systems that can let you travel between from this world to the spirit world. My muscle magic lets me travel by vibrating my muscles at different frequencies, allowing me to do all sorts of stupid shit because magic is broke as hell. In fact, any player who doesn’t have some form of magic is either stupid or is min-maxing some cockamamie nonsense. I’ll try to get you up to speed on some of the more common builds. If you can find the BB window, you can research some of the builds there, but the ones posted there are just the tip of the iceberg.”

“What’s a BB?”

My brain is processing that term as ball bearing, and I doubt there is a window dedicated to ball bearings. I would be happy to be wrong in this case, though. I do remember builds from the memories I have about video games, for some reason.

“Bulletin Board. A place for people to post anonymously as a way of getting revenge against min-max builds that ganked them. If everyone knows your tricks already, it’s hard to get the drop on folks.”

That sounds awful. Rhynn describes it like it has little to do with him, though.

“Has anybody posted your build on there?”

“People post what they have managed to find out. I recommend holding back as much as possible if you have to fight a player.”

“Going back to the Spirit World question, what kind of magic do you recommend for going there?”

We got a little off topic there, but I still need to tap into the wisdom of spirits!

“The kind of magic you use can affect how you interact with the Spirit World and how you perceive it. If you used Demonology to go there, you would see the Spirit World as hell and the spirits as demons and devils. If you learned some hippie tree-hugging bullshit, you’d see everyone there as nature spirits in whatever form of nature. Not that this really changes how the spirits act or anything. It just drops a filter over your consciousness for how you perceive it.”

Based off what Rhynn is saying, I could research some form of magic to see everything there as puppets for toddlers if I really wanted. I need to see what kinds of magic this research function will let me into. The idea of forcing the spirits into the form of something silly pleases me.

We finish our snacks and whiskey. Rhynn leaves me with a parting shot that I should not pick my magic while I’m drunk, and soon I am left in the dark, nestled in my bedding.

This feeling is the best! With that thought, I feel my consciousness slipping away, when a sound snaps it back. The guards are opening my door.

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  1. zavyyn

    I think this song is about platonically holding hands.


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