18 Zavyyn is entangled with a legal system

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I have found the ultimate in fortifications. A stout metal door, full of bars and locks and magical barriers. Heavy, thick walls, floor and ceilings made of reinforced concrete and enchanted against all sorts of impacts and magic. I am safe from the world!

Except really it is the other way around. I was told I am a player and informed that if anything happened at all while they transported me to this prison, they would put me to death on the spot. I don’t know what they mean by player, but I will assume it does not mean I am popular with the ladies.

They told me to enjoy my time in the shoe, and I didn’t know what they meant. Then I found out it isn’t something you wear on your feet, but an acronym. SHU: Solitary Housing Unit. I’ve been here a few hours so far and I have this great roommate. The light buzzes and I tell you what, that buzz is all my companionship in the world. Sometimes the light blinks off for a moment and the buzz goes away and I feel like I am dead, but outside of that, this place is a party.

Maybe I can eat soon? I hope they feed me. Maybe a player is a gambler with unpaid debts, and I am in serious trouble over losing at poker. Maybe a player is a murdering sack of garbage who deserves to die. I’m keeping it positive in here!

I still have everything in my inventory, and I can still cast cantrips. Everything is supposed to be magic proof, but apparently my cantrips do not care and do what I want anyway. This is proof for my cantrips not being magic. I guess I could break out, but that seems like a really bad idea. After all, if I don’t obey the law they’ll consider that an act of war. I am not entirely sure what that means, but I kind of stand out, and it’s a bad idea to get branded as a war criminal when everyone can pick me out just by seeing my face.

I can play with my UI. Maybe having this UI is what makes me a player?

I was brought here in magic cage flown by some of those drones. The drones are golems powered by an innovative combination of illusions and runes. I was bored on the way here and inspected everything I could about those guys since they told me not to talk. The runes make illusions of more runes which then make magic happen. The way they work sound a lot like computer languages. These things use one runic language for nouns and then another language for verbs. The first part makes the runic object, and the second part makes the runic action. That sounds like computer programming to me. Except they can randomly include runes that make you piss fireballs and crap dragons.

Anyway, my UI settings are getting more frustrating. There are menus I can find only by highlighting invisible text, but I can’t find anywhere to paste it after copying it. As I am going through screen after random screen, I find my music player window now has music loaded. That’s weird. I guess I can listen to music now. I have… Heavy metal? This is music about falling in battle for glory. For some reason I can recognize it as Viking metal. I like this music. It makes me feel like struggling in life might have a purpose, despite being about mortality.

Suddenly, the door opens! I pause the music, completely clueless if they could hear it. Is it just music for me? I don’t know. Maybe everyone could hear it. Standing there are a couple of golem drones.

“Hello, Mister Matrisyan. I understand you are claiming to have amnesia and to be unaware of how your abilities work, is that correct?”

The golem’s screen displays an elf’s face with a waxed moustache and large round glasses. I really want to see him get punched in the face. If he was actually here instead of piloting a golem, I would commit a war crime.

“I can’t remember anything before a week ago and I think I’m doing magic but the guy who arrested me told me I wasn’t.”

I am standing by the truth because I have no idea what kind of lie would work here. In fact, I feel a strong dislike for lying and liars for some reason.

“Hmmm. Do not move. I will be gauging your pathology.”

He peers at me through a monocle in the golem’s hand for a long minute.

Abruptly they leave. No words, no physical indication other than them shutting the door. I don’t think that’s a good sign. I scratch at my chin idly, and then everything goes black with a single horn going off, followed by an inhuman voice in the cell saying

“Lights out.”

Good night, everybody!

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