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It itches. So bad. What happened? As I begin tearing at my tattered robe, trying to figure out what is going, I realize my legs are covered in tiny red ants. They’re hard to see in the gloom, and all I can think to do in response is create water, lots of water. And I want it to be light, it needs to stay floating, attached to my legs. It still burns, but not as bad. I’m wearing pants made out of water. I could already make people drown, but this has various applications. Yeah, distracting myself from the pain by thinking about other things is working, even if what I am thinking about is being influenced by the pain.

What can I do to make this raid easier on myself? Well, first I will ambush them while hidden. But eventually they will figure out where I am, more than likely. Moso said they have divination magic, after all. What do I do when they are directly attacking me? It’s night, this place is rural, it is darker than a black hole’s bedtime. How about if I make an incredibly bright light behind me, so I am a blinding silhouette. Even if they have torches or flashlights, shining them on me won’t matter much since I’ll have a blinding light behind me. That may also help with people trying to attack me from the rear, but I should probably try to keep trees to my back anyway.

I can also make myself weigh less to try and lessen the amount of noise I make sneaking around. That should help with getting into position for an ambush. What I really need is some way to distinguish the slaves from the slavers though. Some of the slaves were green, some of them were dark brown, some were jet black and some were dark blue. There were also a few slaves who looked especially strange, like little scaly dog and rat hybrids. The slavers were pinkish elves, so I assume they are all Sidhe, but maybe some of them were swamp elves. I probably should have inspected the guys I killed before, but it all happened so fast, and then Moso ditched me, that I was mostly operating on autopilot.

Inspecting everyone before I decide whether to kill them sounds nice in theory, but if combat happens, I am unsure I will have the leisure for such niceties. I may be forced to defend myself in manners that have nothing to do with being nice.

Ethics are hard. Ignoring friendly casualties would be a lot easier, but something inside me screams out against that kind of thinking.

But what if there are slaves who aren’t under mind control and collaborate? This operation is going to be difficult in execution, and difficult afterwards. Maybe I can find a slave I trust to let me know who a collaborator is and who is not.

Anyway, to review my mission objectives here: First, I am neutralizing everyone I see via gravity magics. Second, I am killing the slavers. No options there, I have no other methods of neutralizing them long-term; based on how the Sidhe act, I feel morally justified in killing them. Third, I will lead the slaves away from here to find them a new home along the way to this magic university.

So those are my objectives. What are my specific tactics? Use gravity magic from ambush. Anybody I can easily identify as a slaver I will kill by closing their carotids. I want these deaths to be fast and quiet, drowning and gases are both more likely to attract notice via the person making noise. When detected, I will backlight myself with a blinding light while applying gravity magic on everybody and focusing whatever attacks I deem necessary on priority targets.

My heart is racing. I am going to do this. I am going to murder people, and as many as possible will be in cold blood, with no choice for them to retaliate.

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    Just wait for the drop, I promise. *vacillates in producer*


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