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Wake up little one!

What?  What is this voice in my head?  Shut up, you’re making me sick, I want to sleep.

No can do, there’s things to be done, and you’re the one to do them.  Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey.

Could you sound less cheerful?  I feel hungover.  What happened last…  Wait, I can’t remember anything about last night.  Or any night.

Now you’re getting it!  A gold star for the best boy.  You died, kiddo, truck-sama did his job making street pizza and I am here to summon you to a new world of magic and whimsy!

That sounds improbable.

Open your eyes and check for yourself.

I crack my eyes and regret it immensely.  A harsh, white light suffuses everything around me; it reminds me of an overcast day requiring sunglasses.  A curious figure of twisted geometric shapes floats in front of me, makes an odd gesture, and paralysis sets in on my mental tongue.

I am the god of this world, and I netted you from your world because you looked interesting.  Somehow your karmic information got mixed up with a game character’s and ruined your memory.  Nothing to do with me.  And this game was one of those massively multiplayer online games and max level, in a progression guild, some other stuff I don’t really care about.  You’re too powerful.  Congratulations!  You’re ascending from your old class and starting over as a newbie in this new world to be fair to everyone else.  To make up for taking away most of your abilities, you get an Analyze skill.  And probably a language skill, I wasn’t really paying attention.  I’ve got a video of you turning into a city block of road rash on repeat, and it is hilariously distracting.  Have fun, and don’t let the aether hit you where I split you!

At that, everything goes dark.​


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  1. Chris

    Who would win in a fight between hitogami and dagoth-ur please breadtube help?


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